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Muay Thai Training – Dedication Required

Is Muay Thai training is only for professionals looking to fight and win? No! IF you’re looking for fit and sound body you can go for Muay Thai training. Thai boxing is the other name for Muay Thai which is known as science of eight limbs and great for the overall body fitness.

The training will provide strength and endurance and enhances the cardio level. In boxing, you’ll learn to throw punches but your legs and feet will only move and not take part in exercise, attack or defense but in Muay Thai training your eight limbs i.e., hands, elbows, knees and legs will work together to beat the opponent.


Another benefit of Muay Thai training is that it acts as a stress buster. Whether you’re a male or female and work in stressful environment and looking to get rid of stress, Muay Thai is one of the best solutions. With Muay Thai training you’ll also get toned body muscles. Even if you’re not an avid Muay Thai professional, training will tech you self defense skills which are quite essential for women.

Muay Thai training consists of there are several workouts that a trainee has to perform. Like other training programs, Muay Thai also starts with warming up which helps in awakening of muscles which in turn promotes flexibility. Training also focuses on body conditioning and promotes the level of toughness and fitness. Foremost thing included in training is running which helps in excretion of toxic substances through sweat.

Rope jumping is other work out in Muay Thai training regimen. Like running, it also excretes toxic substances from the body while providing strength to foot, legs and back. Training regimen also comprise body weight resistance exercises such as cycling and aerobics. Abdominal exercises play a vital role in Muay Thai professionals. Push kick is the best for defense as well as attack and to resist the effect of the kick, abdominal muscles should be very strong. These days, medicine ball exercises are also used by the trainers to train the avid fighters.

Some of the fighters also go for weight training to strengthen your body and get toned muscles. Weight training includes kettlebells and Clubbells training to provide flexibility, endurance and strength to upper body. Kettlebells and Clubbells work on core body muscles such as shoulders, obloquies, abs, biceps and triceps.

You will find several state of the art Muay Thai training camps in Thailand. You’ll find training camps in other countries as well however, the ambience and the trainers are hard to find. Other factor that goes in favor of training camps in Thailand is cost effective deal. Training cost in Thailand is much lower than that of western countries.

The Muay Thai training program is for Muay Thai competition tournament in Thailand. This program was used to train Muay Thai in the World Muay Thai Competition. This is a 6 weeks program and 2 trianing times a day . The trainee must train 6 days per week from Monday to Saturday. Muay Thai training is not different from other kinds of sport. The muay thai training in Thailand is the good way to improve your skill .The trainee still need a discipline and train regularly with a strict and intensive program. The trainee has to listen to what his trainer says.

In Thailand, you’ll se the love for the sport among its people. The dedication will boost a new feeling and love for Muay Thai in you. So, if you want to identify yourself with the game, join a training camp and write your own success story.

2012-10-31 : Every muay thai fighters hard work.
2012-11-05 : Muay Thai training in Thailand is the good place to learn muay thai .
It is not easy to train muay thai by yourself . You can find the good trainers to teach . But you can go to Thailand to train muay thai is easy .

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