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Muay Thai Training Techniques

Muay Thai is mixed martial art form of Thailand. Like any other martial art, Muaythai also consists of many fighting and training techniques. Basic punch techniques are jab, hook, uppercut and straight right/cross.

There are numerous variations existing in jab technique. However, common characteristic of each variation is - extended arm which helps in keeping opponent at a distance. Jab is the most familiar punch among people who are not into any kind of combat sport.

Other punch in Muay Thai is Hook. In order to hit the opponent with hook punch, fighter needs to turn the core muscles and back. While performing hook, fighter aims at the chin of the opponent. Throw the hook punches either with the lead hand or rear hand, thing that matters is power and technique.

Another punch in Muaythai techniques that also aims at the opponents chin is Uppercut. If a fighter’s punch starts from his belly and hit the opponent’s body while making an upward motion, it means attacker tried an uppercut. If you hit a cross i.e., hook along with uppercut, it will be counted as power punches. Uppercut will be more effective, if you throw it from a closer range.

Unlike judo, kicking plays a vital role in winning a Muay Thai fight. There are several techniques of kicking in Muaythai. Some of them famous kicks are roundhouse, diagonal, jump, axe heel and spinning heel kick. In Thailand’s national sport, you’d find three levels of kicking. First is low level in which shins, back of knees and thighs are targeted by the attacker. In medium level, opponent needs to defend his ribs and torso. And fighter aims at chin, neck and temple at higher level.

While performing basic roundhouse kick, fighter uses his calves instead of foot to hit the opponent. The kick can hit at any of the three levels viz-a-viz low, mid or higher. One kick which is very useful for both attack and defense is Push kick. The kick helps to keep the opponent at a distance. Knee technique is another integral part of Muay Thai. Knee techniques include diagonal knee strike, straight knee strike, knee slap, curving knee strike and knee bomb. Most basic knee technique is front or straight knee strike. In this knee strike, fighter thrust the knee into opponent’s body or head.

There is one more essential part of Muay Thai i.e., Elbow technique. You can win over your opponent using elbow slash, horizontal elbow, spinning elbow, elbow chop, mid air elbow strike and uppercut elbow. Elbow slash is widely used by Muaythai fighter to attack the upper part of the facial area such as forehead and nose of the opponent.

Thai clinch is a technique which is solely used in Muaythai in which fighter holds the opponent around his body or from his neck and head. While holding opponents from his neck, fighter presses his forearm against collarbone of the challenger. There are several techniques for Muay Thai training however; dedication is the key to success.

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