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Muay Thai and a famous martial art by muaythai-training-thailand @ 2017-08-22

Whether you are conscious about your physique or you love to be a sportsman, you can learn Muay Thai as it is not only a professional sport, but it prepares you to defend yourself in any negative situation. It helps you to build muscles and maintain fitness. There are many training camps all over Thailand for specialized training for performing on professional rings or for entertainment purposes.

Thai boxing or Muay Thai is the popular combat sport of Thailand. The fighter is trained to use the eight limbs for fighting the opponent. Therefore, this game is popularly called ‘the art of eight limbs.' In 2015, first Muay Thai cup was held in Bangkok.
Muay Thai for everyone
Muay Thai is everyone's cup of tea. Adults (male and females), children, residents and foreigners learn this sport for different purposes. No doubt, not everyone is made for fighting, but self-defense and physical fitness is compulsory for all. Muay Thai equips you with the necessary skills to defend yourself as it is a combination of punches and kicks using your entire body. The muscles are toned up to provide physical fitness besides sharpening your skills.
The major techniques used for Thai boxing are a lead jab, hook, shovel, corkscrew punches, uppercut and straight or cross punches. The use of elbow is the most striking feature of the sport. This weapon is specially trained to be used against the enemy as diagonal-upwards, diagonal-downwards, horizontal, backward-spinning, downward and flying. The other tactics include Muay Thai clinch, Teep( Foot Thrust), Jumping knee strike, Knee slap, and kicking.
Muay Thai cultivates self-discipline besides imparting physical fitness and mental alertness. It is a practical martial art that trains you to face any difficult situation with courage. The children are sluggish and dull as they don't have an active lifestyle. They tend to sit and play indoor games. Exercise and physical activity are a burden to them. Muay Thai is a somewhat exciting sport that can help to keep them physically active and mentally aware.

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