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"Chankrit" has practiced for a month to fight with "Chalongrat". @ 2016-12-17

Now, Chankrit A. Phimonsri has been practicing for 2 months with his good body condition after stopping for along times. Moreover, in this game he will fight with Chalonglat S. Rachabut on Suek Bangrachan on this 19 December, 2016. Additionally, if he has showed the good form in the next game, the teamwork of Bangrachan might push up him much because of his good name and prestige.

Pok Mahachai has revealed that after Chankrit has won the scores of Yodkhunsuek of Rachaphat Village Chombueng , he has disappeared himself in a long times prior to practice at his boxing camp.Besides, now he has his good body condition to be ready for fighting in the next match surely.

For Suek Bangrachan, the commander Phrachuab Paoin has assigned work for Pok Mahachai , Wanbowee and Meenae Luakkongsei to take care of the boxers. On the same way, now the teamwork of Palangmai has supported the lists of the boxers ;namely, Khomkert Phetportoror fighting with Adddam Teedet 99 , the second one or Rachasree IT 2000 fighting with Datefangkhong Sirilakmuaithai , Chankrit A. Phimonsri fighting with Chalongrat S. Rachabut , Toto T. Thawat fighting with Phetchiangkhwan Nayoksomdate , Sanityuttachonburi fighting with Luakrak Panphet Sitkruphak S. Sutthip , Cheddaew Oumkatongchiangmaiyim fighting with Sankrai Teemuenglei and Yodkhunphon Sorror Charin fighting with Phetpadsan Singnawaarwut.

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