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Ortorkor has the great performing one to fight between "Nontakit and Satanfah". @ 2016-10-07

Now, Deer Kertphet or the promoter of Khomchadleuk has made the lists of excellent couple ones for the Muay Thai fans of Khomchadluek on this Sunday of 28 August 2016. Then, there will be the topmost couple ones to fight with each other ; for example, the master one or Nontakit T. Morsri to fight with Satanfah S. Bunkhrong after he has knocked Satanfah before. Then, in this match Satafah would like to get revenge with his old proponent certainly. Thus, this program might favor to the Muay Thai fans much.

For Khomchadluek Suek Muai Thai , it will setup at Khomchadluek boxing stadium or in Ortorkor 3 Nontaburi to be broadcasted on this Sunday of 28 August. Moreover, the quality teamwork are heading to select the good form couple ones to fight for giving the happiness to the Muay Thai fans. And, this program will begin to broadcast on channel now 26 since 6.25-8.45 p.m.

In addition, in this program there will be the first one or Yodtarok Phetphayathai fighting with Phetbanphod Luakmakhamwarn in 103 pounds following by Mafiangnoi Luakmakhwamwarn fighting with Diasel A. Sakaorat in 125 pounds, Leklai Ch. Pradit fighting with Khomphet Phalangroup in 125 pounds , the second one or Aekwayu of Bangkok Thonburi fighting with Yokphet Kertwinai in 118 pounds and the master one or Nontakit T. Morsri fighting with Satanfah S. bunkhrong in 142 pounds.

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