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Only ask for him ; "Wichit" has done for favor. @ 2016-09-07

Sorchor Wichit Padraew has bested regard to every promoter to inform about the lists of all boxers in the boxing camp to him only no matter of locations , times , dates , couple boxers and weights. Then, he will bring them to fight instantly. In addition, now he would like to have the several ones in Muai Dee Withee Thai program to fight. However, the left ones who haven’t been informed to him mightn’t have the chance to fight. Moreover, all of the informed boxers can fight with the suitable ones for sure without being worried by contacting to him directly.

Sorchor Wichit said that recently he has NBT broadcasting program or Muai Dee Withee Thai to take care of , so it should have several couple ones to fight on this program. In addition, his boxing program has never relied on anyone , so the time to fight with anyone might be his decision. Therefore, all the times he always asks to someone for letting his boxers to fight with him first with giving honor , so everyone should give honor to him also.

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