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On this Songkran festival, there might be the amusing program to be setup on Suek Chit Muengnon. @ 2016-05-19

For Songkran Festival, it might be the amusing program for the boxers to fight on Suek Chit Muengnon that will broadcast on this 14th April 2016. Besides, now Ouan Muengnon is boasting for letting the Muay Thai fans to watch for all or programs that will have the well-known , new stars , big size and foreign boxers. Then, it might not be disappointed for the Muay Thai fans to watch this game for sure.

For Suek Chit Mueng Non that will broadcast on this 14th April 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium, there might be Ouan Muengnon and the teamwork to take care of the couple ones. Then, there might be the master one or Yodbuangen S. Saphet to fight with Roilan Kertkamthorn following by the second one or Yodwichit Kemmuaithaiyim to fight with Denchumporn of Rachabhat Chombueng Village , the supportive one or Phetsrakaew Saksurinmuaithai to fight with Antonio Singmuaiarwut from Portuguese , Khomphet Chitmuengnon to fight with Phetmongkol S. Kulwong , Chintasak Seephiek 13 coin tower to fight with Phetmai S. Praithong , Fai Teedet 99 to fight with Phaitong Singnawaarwut and Nontachai Chitmuengnon to fight with Phetanan S. Kullawong.

Then, on this match the Muay Thai fans mightn’t be disappointment to watch on this program absolutely.

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