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"Onechana" has challenged "Phetsongkhom" to gain most money. @ 2016-05-01

At A. Bunchuai or the head of A. Bunchuai has asked the promoter to make the list for Onechana A. Bunchuai for fighting with Phetsongkhom Sitchareonthrab or the old proponent again. Besides, he might give a large amounts of money to him or increase with more money if Onechana has received less money than his couple one. Although his boxing camp isn’t the rich one , he has a lot of friends to help. Fortunately, if Onechana has been the winner in this game , in the next match he might fight with Klasuek Phetchinda again or fight with Rangkhao Chariyakittikorn.

Lately, Onechana A. Bunchuai has showed the good form in the same level of Klasuek Phetchinda or his proponent by tie up with three couple one on Suek Phetwisate of Num Boat. And, that program had been setup on last Thursday at Rachadamnern supported by At A. Bunchuai Yodkhun too.

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