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"Kertphet" might defeat "Yodlekphet". @ 2016-02-19

In this moment, Kertphet Suanaharnpeakmai has asked for the promoter to get revenge with Yodlekphet A. Phitisak or his old proponent after winning the others for 2 matches before by showing the beautiful form. Then, in this time he can fight with whoever to grasp the champion by showing the best performance for sure.

Now, Kertphet Suanaharnpeakmai has showed the excellent form in 2 matches by winning Samingdate Dekfaifa for 2 times. Lately, he would like to get revenge with Yodlekphet after losing him with embarrassing , so if it is possible he would like to grasp the champion also.

Thus, after Kertphet is really confident in order to win Samingdate by giving a large amounts of his money to this game to regain his confidence. Besides, now his body condition is in the better way after he has disappeared himself for a long time. Besides, in the next match he would like to fight with Yodlekphet A. Phitisak after losing him at Rachadamnern boxing stadium on last 15th July in A.D. 2015 to grasp the champion in 133-134 pound with his confidence. Finally, the promoter should consider about this subject for him.

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