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"Kodea" mightn’t disturb for "Wittaya" ; he might allow Wittaya to select the couple ones by himself. @ 2016-01-30

Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan or the head of the excellent boxing camp in A.D. 2015 has revealed that he has assigned work for Sit Wittaya Phetseimeun fully without disturbing the work to make the list of the couple ones. Then, it might let him to select the way by himself , and in the future they should grow and face more lot of things.

Wittaya Phetseimuen or the new promoter at Rachadamnern boxing stadium has called Kodea as the most respectful person of the boxing circle because he has always support him to make the lists of his couple ones on Suek Phetwittaya. Thus, on last Thursday Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan or the excellent head of Lumphinee boxing camp in A.D. 2015 has revealed his mind to the reporters that now he is glad much that Sit Wittaya might become to be the new young blood of Thungsong people for being the promoter of Rachadamnern boxing stadium. And, he might not disturb the work of Sit Wittaya for sure.

Kodea has revealed that in this time he would like Sit Wittaya to walk by himself without disturbing his work definitely. However, he might allow him to make a decision by himself and wait for his success to face more things. Finally, he believes in his performance to assist Rachadamnern boxing stadium to be the more well-known one for sure in order to support the children and develop the boxing camp to be the better one. Additionally, it might level up to the big goal , but Kodea might quit from being the promoter due to his not expertness.

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