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It has confirmed to "Naona" not to think evilly. @ 2015-12-11

Rungsakdewee has confirmed that Naona Ch. Phatcharaphon might not have the intention to be failed of this boxing program surely ; however, because in the mornings he hasn’t consumed much food until getting vomit. Then, he has been quitted from fighting with Lamsing S. Dechaphan , so it has to ask for the promoter to sympathize him too.

For Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee , there will be Satanfah R Airline program broadcasted on Saturday of 21st November 2015 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium, there is the master one named Naona Ch. Phatcharaphon , Lamsing S. Dechaphan , who is fired on the fourth round for fighting with Lamsing S. Dechaphan. Then, Rungsak Dewee or the head of Naona has phoned directly to the editor of Muai Siam to call for the sympathized from the Muay Thai fans that in this match he hasn’t have the intention to be failed of the match for sure ; however, he has reduced his weight until getting vomit for being the champion on this match only.

Rungsak said that yesterday Naona has flew from the South ,especially for in the morning that he has reduced his weight to 4 pounds until getting vomit. Later, indeed Rungsak might not allow Naona to fight , but this boxer has confirmed about his readiness. Unfortunately, he has showed the mistake on this match , but it should symphatize for this boxer because he has known his real habit.

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