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"Sangmanee" has fought in the harder task with his much pressure to become the excellent boxer. @ 2015-11-21

Sangmanee S. Thianpho has accepted that he felt disappointed much for fighting with Taksinlek Kerttiniwat by bargaining for 2 pounds although he has lost the game for twice times. Then, it should study for the fighting tapes prior to plan the precise match to grasp for the excellent boxer prize of the year.

Sangmanee said that for Suek One Mahachon One Thong Chai broadcasted on this Thursday of 19th November 2015 at Rachadamnern , there might be the master couple one or Sangmanee S. Thianpho to fight with Taksinlek Kertniwat by bargaining weight for 2 pounds that are 128 pounds and 130 pounds. Then, Sangmanee has said about how to face with Taksinlek or the old one after losing the game for twice times that this is the worried match after he has lost the score in this case before. However, it shouldn’t be careless by studying the fighting tapes after losing the game for twice times and then adjust for the new game. On the other hand, it is showed that on this match he has much pressure to be cheered up for grasping the prize of excellent Thai boxer of Sports for Thailand. Similarly, he has never grasp this prize before, so it is important much for being cheered up to gain the prize of excellent Thai boxer before not receiving the significant prize.

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