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It is no wonder for the court to bail out in order not to go in jail. @ 2015-08-13

The head Kai or Doctor Kitti Paopiamthrab has confirmed that recently he has made the best task with the good evidence for bringing the betrayed group going into jail. Thus, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried in the case of permitting the court for bailing out the betrayed group. Moreover, on last Evening of 20th July 2015 it is the role of the justice court including of the teamwork and he to interrupt for violating on the court role. On the other hand, it depends on the court justice to make the fault with the betrayed group. Thus, in the step of fighting against the law in the near future , it might pass into the law step no matter of asking for the jurisdiction to swear out the betrayed group until the policeman has caught them on last 18th July 2015 according to the law step without accusing.

It has showed about making another plan for the commander Phittaya Sotachan or Sorworsorsor Muengphadraew , the liteneunt Nattaphon Bunyarachakul and the litenent Phitsanu Kaewngen in order to catch Phasarakham including of the hirer or Chatphichit Sorchor Wichitphadraew fighting on Suek One Thong Chao on this 29th July 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium at one coffee shop in Pleangyao on last Saturday of 18th July 2015. Besides, after it has received the contact from the boxers in advance for several days , it has gained the confession. Later, the police officer has operated with law by handing in the accuser at Sanamchaikhwat by taking note prior to hand in to jail until becoming the exciting news in this time.

Lately, the reporters of Muai Siam have been revealed from Sorchor Wichit Padraew or the head of the boxing camp and the manager of Sorchor Wichit Padraew boxing camp that recently the quarantor has come to bail out Phasarakham out of the central prison already on last Monday evening of 20th July 2015. However, he has accepted to lose his feeling much after trying to object the hard bailing out. On the other hand, it hasn’t been effective , but it should operate with the law step and fight against the law. Then, he has been confident that Phasarakham might be punished surely , but the evident of witness must be checked on facebook , telephone , transaction and putting in deposits. Finally, the boxers who talk with Phasarakham are ready to be the witness on the court to fight against the law.

In the past, Phuyai Oud has known all the steps to contact in order to make another plan for allowing the policeman to catch him. However, it accepts to be the hard task , but finally the policeman can caught him prior to investigate and take note. Then, Phuyai Oud might be punished for sure. Therefore, on last Monday night of 20th July 2015 , it accepts that he has lost his feeling much because in the earlier the lawyer , the policeman and he have handed in the book for object the bailing out. However, it isn’t effective , so he should fight against the law at the court again. On the other hand, he has all evidences to go to jail surely ,and it believes that he might be accept for his false. Finally, if he hasn’t accepted for the court writ , the policeman should catch him further too.

Sorchor Wichit said additionally that if any boxer or the boxing camp has the betrayed boxer as Phasarakham , it can fight against the law too. Moreover, it is worth by bringing the wrong one to be punished without destroying the boxing circle.

Sorchor Wichit said again that if any boxer is bullied , it should sue or report at Sanamchaikhwat all the times. Besides, it shouldn’t let anyone to destroy the boxing circle too.

After 6 p.m. of last Tuesday of 21st July 2015 at the famous coffee shop at Lumphinee boxing stadium , the head Kai or Doctor Kitti Paopiamthrab and Sorchor Wicht Padraew and Sorchor Wao Passakorn Sittikarn have made the statement to catch Phasarakham or the betrayed group again including of telling the last situation to the reporters about how to work with the policeman again. Besides, it has accepted that now the accuser has bailed out from the court already with the law step without any bullying. Then, it depends on the transaction including of the car including of confession of the accuser in this time to be the evidence for fight against the law including of the witness. Thus, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried about this case.

The way that the court has bailed out and release the accuser is the role of the court. However, Sorchor Wichit is really confident that he has tried his best , so the Muay Thai fans should make understand to be the winner of the case by fighting against the law. Thus, it might caught the wrong one surely.

Teacher Oud confirms that it is not involved with Phasarakhwam : According to Muai Siam it shows that Phasarakham or the well-known boxer to hire Chatphichit Sorchor Wichitpadraew to fight unfairly to Muengchonlek Ph. Suanthong on Suek One Thong Chao on this 29th July 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. However, finally he has been caught.

Lately, Teacher Oud S. Suradate or Prasitchai Wongtrairat or the head of S. Suradate has been hurt on social world , so he has revealed his mind to Muai Siam that he has confirmed not to know of Phasarakham. Thus, the subject of betraying in this time should be the way of the police officer to manage.

Teacher Oud said that now there is no one to call for me to help as well as his not knowing him , so it should be the role of the policeman.

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