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Anake hopes "Chanchai" to pass into the next round of Weber. @ 2015-07-04

Although in the past, Anake Sangmorakot has his less weight than the standard ,this match he confirms to be ready for fighting with Chanchai Sititisukto as the equal weight without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans by passing into the final round surely.

Anake Sangmorakot said after Chanchai Sititisukkato has knocked Phakhao Dabphong 191 Khlangsangmahasarahkham in 5th Weber boxing round of Suek Chao Muai Thai at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium by keeping the first three point. Moreover, recently Chanchai has been disappointed from Isuzu boxing round for once time due to his big size , except for not full weight. However, this time he is ready to fight with confidence to pass into the deeper round as Weber one for sure.

As the result, Anake said that he believes that this boxer might pass into the final round surely with his more experiences to fight and his good shape. On the other hand, it depends on his good attention to be the champion in order to create the great honor to himself again , and the Muay Thai fans should cheer him up too. Finally, it is surely that he might pass into the deeper round.

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