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"Phrakaiphet" has dreamt to be the champion. @ 2015-06-24

Niti Khaosiriwat or the big boss of Nitisamui reveals that now he has expected much to see Prakaiphet Nitisamui to grasp the first champion belt for his boxing camp although it has registered for only 5 months. However, it is confident that he might not be disappointed because of his good preparing , so he might grasp the champion belt from Sornthong S. Yingchareonkarnchang for sure.

Moreover, Nitisamui boxing camp from Roied province is the new and hot one belonging to Niti Khaosiriwat after being registered for only 5 months. However, now his boxing camp becomes to be the well-known one , and lately there will be Khwanphanadam or Prakaiphet Nitisamui to show their fresh form after being the winner for 7 matches continuously and has the chance to grasp the champion on channel 7 in 118 pound with Sornthong S. Yingchareonkarnchang as the master couple one of Suek Muai Thai ChedSee on this Saturday of 6th June 2015 at Channel 7 boxing stadium. Finally, Niti Khaosiri or the big boxing camp of Nitisamui has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that

The big boss of Nitisamui boxing camp said that his teamwork and he have expected much to see his boxer or Phrakaiphet to grasp the first champion belt for his boxing camp after it has registered for only 5 months. Besides, his boxer always shows the good form to be favored from the Muay Thai fans much , so it might be the excellent way to let him have the progressive form on this Muay Thai life. Similarly, for this match Phrakaiphet has prepared himself excellently. In addition, after he has fought with Sornthong at Samui on this 1st May 2015 , he might train himself continuously to have his good body condition for being the winner without making disappointment to anyone surely.

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