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In this moment it shows that "Kingsanglek" still doesn't have his fitted couple boxer to increase the weight. @ 2015-04-25

Don’t be serious after Porn Bangwa has let the Muay Thai fans of Kingsanglek T. Laksong or the number 1 of weight with Chatphichit Sorchor Wichit Mueng Padraew as the same version in 45 kg. Indeed, it is because now Kingsanglek still doesn’t have his another suitable couple boxer to fight. Then, the head of T. Laksong boxing camp might allow the promoter to make the list of him with his price of 40,000 baht to fight in this match.

Porn Bangwa or the teamwork of T. Laksong boxing camp said that now Big song or Thongchai Rattanasuban has brought Kingsanglek T. Laksong to fight with Chatphichit Sorchor Muengphadraew in 100 pounds on Suek One Thong Chai of this 30th April 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Besides, if we are still worried about the weight , the promoter might work harder. Thus, on this 30th April 2015 it might let him fighting in 100 pounds or in 45 kg. to fight more easily although it is worried about not being accepted from the Muay Thai fans of Kingsanglek. Then, it should let the Muay Thai fans to restraint their mind if this boxer can’t find another suitable couple one , except for Chatphichit Sorchor Wichit Mueung Padraew as the same version in 45 kg.

On the other hand, now Kingsanglek has his price for 40000 baht , so it should let the promoter to work so hard without predicting about the result as well as having the participation between the promoter and the officers in the boxing circle too.

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