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Close the Legend of "Pornsanae Sitmonchai" or the Severe Thai West Sound. @ 2015-03-28

At this moment, it can close the legend of Pornsanae Sitmonchai after he has quitted to fight and become to be the trainer of Singapore. Moreover, recently Pornsanae has posted on his facebook to thank for Thai boxing program and Thai Muay Thai fans in Thailand who always cheer up him all the times.

Then, he has counted to be the severe boxer for a long time until being favor to the Muay Thai fans in Thailand and has the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to cheer up him until now his body condition is worse as well as being knocked by his couple boxers. As the result, he has quitted from fighting by posting on his facebook that now he can be only the second boxer to receive the prize of the severe one. Thus, he would like to thank for the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to vote him , but this time might be the last time for him to fight in Thai boxing program. Then, he might stop this task by becoming to be the boxing teacher at Singapore, and he would like to thank for Sit Mon Chai boxing camp to support him all the times until he has his good name in Thai boxing program. In addition, he would like to thank you for Thai Muay Thai fans in Thailand , especially for his Muay Thai fans in Thailand to send encouragement to him since now.

Lately, Pornsanae has gone to Singapore already by having his wife named Yuyee and his daughter named Focus to send him at Suwannaphum airport on last Monday of 9th March 2015. Besides, Pornsanae might become to be the trainer at Evo Yim , and this boxing camp has several Thai famous former boxers to teach the boxers for several ones , such as Sanghiran Luakbanyai , Namsaknoi Yuttakarnkamthorn and Sakeddaew Phetphayathai.

For Pornsanae Sitmonchai , he has his first name as Thanate Cheanchaiyen with his nickname as Sanae ; moreover, he was born on 7th August in 1981 with his 34 years old. Whilst, his hometown is located at 19 Mu.5 Sub-District Nongfai , District Laokhwan in Kanchanaburi province.

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