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Start with the Muay Thai tournament of million baht 5 starts chicken. @ 2015-02-16

For the million baht of 5 stars chicken from Rangsit boxing stadium of Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on NBT channel , it has the big program again for the couple boxers to fight in 119-122 pounds beginning on this Sunday of 22nd February 2015.

Then, for Rangsit Muay Thai tournament of million baht 5 stars chicken program it has come back to be amusing and exciting again to fight on this Sunday of 1st February 2015 by selecting the boxers in 119-122 pounds for joining in this game according to create the good work by Phetyindee teamwork to let the Muay Thai fans to admire.

For the boxers joining in million baht of 5 stars chicken , they will fight in 119-122 pounds as this following: Firstly, line A that are Phetnakhin W. Sanphraphai , Chingreadthong P. Aiemheng , Phetsongphak Sitchareonthrab , Phetbunsong and Phetchinda following with line B or Phetsongmeung P.K. Kerttawan , Kamponlek Kertkongpon , Rakchai T. Tananchai , Kotchasarn S. Bunchan. Besides, this program will begin on this 22nd February 2015 with making statements for the Muay Thai tournament in this time also.

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