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It is unexpected because Daewden still has more advantages than "Lotus" @ 2014-10-16

Teacher Chawang Sak Aksornchu is really confident that Lotus Phetrungriang doesn't have the excellent form as same as Daewden Ch. Kateweena or the boxer in his boxing camp after fighting for 2 times , especially to lose Daewden for 1 time and tie-up for 1 times. Thus, it can be confident that Daewden might have good prone to be the winner of the next match more than his couple boxer surely.

Teacher Chuangsak or the big boss of Keela Bangkok School and Ch. Kateweena said after Sia Bu Muengphet might make the list of Den Ch. Kateweena to fight with Lotus Phetrungriang again in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 27th September 2014 at Siam Om Noi Thai boxing stadium on channel 3 that this program might broadcast surely after they have tied-up with each other from fighting with funniness in the last match. Thus, it has the good prone that Daewden might have more chance to be the winner in the next match more than his couple boxer after fighting 2 times and win for once time and tie-up to his couple boxer for once time. However, in last match that Daewden tied up with his couple boxer, in the earlier he has less score than his couple boxer for 60-1 , except for his last round to fight so hard to be seem to be the winner. However, the referees judged for his couple boxer to be the winner with wondering. Then, this couple boxer might face with each other again on this Saturday certainly.

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