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He would like to have queue to fight continuously. @ 2014-09-17

The Surgeant Khaew Phakchong has confirmed that if Aphisit K.T. Yim can fight continuously in 135 pounds , the teamwork of boxing camp might consider for this subject to let him fight in the next match surely after he has his better form and just won in the last match to fight with anyone.

The Surgeant Khao said after Apisit K.T. Yim can gain new score to be the winner on last Sunday , which makes the big boss of K.T. Yim boxing camp or The Surgeant Khao Pakchong revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that now his body condition is better than last year much because they can fight comfortably without more trainers. Then, if Sia Chun Kertphet has made the list of him to fight in 135 pounds no matter in Bangkok or countryside , he would like to fight in every places in order to prove his performance and makes everyone see that the small boxing camp still has its advantage in itself. On the other hand, after his form is worse in the last time now the Muay Thai fans in Thailand throughout the country has seen his good performance. Thus, Sia Chun should make the list of him to fight continuously in order to guarantee about his good fortune to be the champion of the match.

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