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"The chef Boomtham" smile strong current, adopted @ 2014-08-27

Iron Chef adopted pho glad was joined in the boxing with "Papa" on August 13 acting team prepare the acquaintances and friends top chef to cheer the with thanks to boxing fans who welcomed their chance to create and name in the confirmation will help support the sport of Muay Thai way yourself to do.

List of "study of Chu prosperous million + chef adopted" Wednesday 13 August 2014. At the stage of quality hill black promoter Chu prosperous rawee illuminated family held with great support from the chef pho and bang Kapi adopted sector Primus concoct A. intrigue for boiling the Emerald Diamond. Serikitiwong second pair black lion honour among 9 strike a shiver. Suradej with boxing as a full listing of the congestion news latest "Iron Chef business The show with the news that their support this campaign, "Papa" boxing agree that good acting hard and guys friends chef the cook and the team a lot of people assembled to watch the battle Chu prosperous Thai Boxing which people promised, most are not the stadium would try to once this boxing fans preparing to meet top chef for several cases. The future if Antioch And they are ready to cooperate with the boxing promoter Chu prosperous this good to boxing fans. Thank thy brethren and has two facilities in the welcome to join create their colorful in this society by their say that in Muay Thai. Both personal feelings. Our national martial arts

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