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Rittikrai should rest for 2 months after crashing on a motorcycle @ 2014-08-18

Rittikrai is hurt on driving a motorcycle while the pickup truck has break instantly until he has the injury. Then, he might quit from driving motorcycle surely , and his injury makes him not have a good chance to be the champion in the end of this month including to rest at least 2 months.

Moreover, now motorcycle is stillthe terrible thing for the boxers as usual ; lately the worse situation happened to the new star of Kaewsamrit or Rittikraikaew on last Wednesday 6th August 2014 while Rittikrai was driving motorcycle to school in Talingchan. After that, the pickup truck has break instantly until he can’t control his motorcycle and get hurt on his forehead , nose and mouth. However, he is still lucky not to be broken on his arms.

Rittikrai said that he might quit from driving motorcycle by changing into getting on the bus and then in the next 2 months , he might be alright to fight in the next match. On the other hand, he feel regretful after the promoter have made the list of him to fight for grasping champion in 115 pounds at the end of this match, but this match has been cancelled.

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