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"Chatsai" might invite the old boxers to join. @ 2014-07-08

Chat Sai or Somchai Chareonwatcharawit invited the old boxers to party as well as the head of boxing camps and the famous people in this circle on this Friday of 4th July 2014 at Nanglerng Horse Racing Court since 6.00 p.m. Besides, it is informed to the old boxers to register as the members of the boxing club for be beneficial for them.

Normally, it always sets up the party to meet the old boxers supporting by the occupational boxing sports of Thailand leading by the president Somchat Chareonwacharawit as well as inviting the head of boxing camps and other famous people in this circle in every two months a year. However, now after the politics situation turn backed to be normal , this party will setup on this Friday of 4th July 2014 at Nanglerng horse racing court at 6.00 p.m. Then, it should invite all of old boxers including of the head of boxing camps and other significant people in this circle to join in this party.

Furthermore, there will be other old boxers who still don’t register with the boxing club , so they are preparing the 6 pictures with a ID card copy and then come to fill the form at the party. While now the boxing club is gathering the lists of members as well as the lists of the old boxers to propose for the office committees of boxing sports to be beneficial for them.

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