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It is time in Thailand for "Taksinlek Kertniwat Muay Thai camp" to shine in the sky. @ 2014-05-09

BigSong would like to prove whether the new excellent boxer of SuekOneThongChai or Taksinlek Kertniwat Muay Thai camp can face with the beloved boxer of students or Sangmanee SorThianpho Muay Thai camp. Moreover, Taksin might not be defeated easily and lately he can defeat Lamnammoon as the example person of him. Then, he might pass this round for sure.

Now, BigSong or Thongchai Rattanasuban would like everyone to catch the eyes on Taksinlek Kertniwat Muay Thai camp to become the new superstar of the boxing circle. Moreover, on this Wednesday of 7th May 2014 , he might face with Sangmanee SorThianpho Muay Thai camp in 122/124 pounds after the Muay Thai fans in Thailand has called for him. Although many people have seen that Sangmanee might have more advantages than Taksinlek , but this hour Taksinlek is the excellent one after winning Lamnammoon Sakchaichot for twice times.

Moreover, BigSong said that it shouldn't take for granted about Taksinlek although he is only 17-18 years old ; however, he has good shape with his kindness and left fist. On the other hand, Sangmanee is the boxer fighting depending on period of time , so Taksinlek might not be defeated easily after he has won Lamnammoon. Thus, it should believe BigSong who has analyzed about this situation of this couple boxer on last Tuesday Evening.

Taksinlek often win in this year , now he win already 10 fights . BigSong are happy about his result and he will be the new star .

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