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The good tip brings into the famous muay thai camp. @ 2014-01-29

The commander Wichai Rachanon or the head of Rachanon boxing camp advised the tip for arrange the boxing program in the present age to be flourish as well as sending encouragement to push up the boxers to become the beloved boxer of the muay thai fans in every ages no matter of Sailom RD , F 16 Rachanon , Intreekhao Rachanon , Design Rachanon muay thai camp , Wacharachai Rachanon and Kussakornnoi Rachanon. Lately, Padsanlek Rachanon just grasped the beloved boxer prize of channel 7. Then, For this work , the teamwork of Muai Siam has asked for the tip from the commander Wichai Rachanon or the head of Rachanon boxing camp about how to be successful continuously as now for their boxing camp.

The commander Wichai said that "At first , I would like to thank for every seniors and the muay thai fans to believe in me and always cheer up by making the lists of our boxers to fight continuously until being the famous ones. Then, our tip for making lists of boxers is nothing special , except for believe in our family as well as talking and consulting in every subjects. Besides, The boxers and the trainers can live with happiness as well as sending encouragement to each other and take care of studying and work. Moreover, If any boxer would like to become the solider , I will push up them fully by supporting and sending encouragement to them to produce the good work. Finally, It should thank for their believing in us and it is certainly that Rachanon Thai boxing camp might create the good work continuously."

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