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The couple muay thai camps of "CP" in Thailand are perfectly setup. @ 2013-10-28

For 2nd Muai CP Freshmart , there will be Weeraponlek Excindyconyim to fight on the Semi final round with Kongphob TorPran 49 muay thai camp on this Saturday 19th October 2013 and on this Saturday of 26th October 2013 , there will be Yodsanchai S. Sophit Camp facing with Kongphuthorn N. Nophiran muay thai camp . Then, the winner will fight in the final round to grasp for the prize of 300,000 baht.

In addition, there should cheer up that on the millionaire Semi final tournament of CP Freshmart with many muay thai camps , the teamwork will make the list for each boxer to face with each other ; however finally there will be line A or Weeraponlek Excindyconyim facing with Yodsanchai S. Sophit mauy thai training camp who have equally 4 points as well as line B or Kongphob TorPran 49 muay thai camp facing with Kongphuthorn N. Nophiran. Then, the teamwork won't let them to draw a lots for letting the first and second rank to fight in Semi final round by considering with the suitablity.

Therefore, lately the teamwork has considered the couple boxers in the Semi final round already that on this 19th October 2013 , there will be Weeraponlek facing with Kongphob and on this Saturday of 26th October 2013 , Yodsanchai will face with Kongphuthorn and the winner will fight in Semi Final round to grasp for 300,000 baht later.

The form of "Meephet" is really impressive.

Sommai Sakulmateta accepted to be excited with the form of Meephet A. Nittayaporn muay thaicamp or Portoroar Phan 6 much because he is the severe boxer. Then, if he is supported well , he might have his chance to be the progress one of the boxing circle for sure.

Moreover, for Sommai Sakulmateta , he said after Meephet A. Nittayaporn had knocked Daewden Luakmeungkhlang on the third round in T. Chaiwat Muai Thai Channel program on the last match that "I am interested in Meephet much because of his severe style and since I am being the promoter , I have never faced the boxer like this before. Then, I have informed the teamwork to call him for talking and giving the program for him to fight continously.

Sommai said with the end that "I think that it is amazing much for Meephet A. Nittayaporn muay thai training camp because he is the severe one , so if he is supported well , he might become to be the progressive one. However, now he is the new one to fight in only the town , so it should wait for him to make the good name and dignity for proving himself to the muay thai fans in order to have the good fortune to fight for sure."

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