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It will gonna be the big match in Thailand of Muai Dee Witheethai from big muay thai camps . @ 2013-08-12

For Suek Muai Dee Witheethai , there will be 2 couple boxers to grasp for the champion in the same match broadcasted on this 17th August 2013 for both 5 stars chicken muay thai tournament ; namely , Khomkert and Nattapon and Torkorsor Taweechokfasatanracha muay thai tournament ; namely, Rachanon and Daterit S. Phenphrapa muay thai training camp to fight in this match.

For the couple boxer of the millionaire program or 5 stars chicken muay thai tournament , there will be the meeting between Nattapon Nachiakwittayakhom to face with Khomkert T. Manothammarakssa muay thai camp who had tied in the last match by facing on this Saturday of 17th August 2013 ; this game will be postponed due to the problem of body condition of Nattapon , so the teamwork of Suek Muai Dee Witheethai has to setup this game in the same period of time with Torkorsor Taweechok Yingom Yingdee that will has the meeting between Daterit S. Phenphrapha muay thai training camp and Fasatan Rachanon muay thai camp as another couple boxer to fight in this match , so there are many muay thai camps form Thailand .

Sia Tung said that "Because Nattapon still has his not perfect body condition to fight in the old time , this game will be postponed to fight as same as the period of time for Torkorsor muay thai tournament that will broadcasted on this Saturday of 17th August 2013 , so at that day there will be both of 5 stars chicken muay thai tournament between Nattapon and Khomkert to fight as well as Torkorsor muay thai tournament between Daterit and Fasatan to fight on the same day to show their full performance."

It might be the severe and interesting first couple boxer of the match.

Sangthiannoi S. Rungrote Camp or the head of T. Sangthiannoi muay thai camp or the senior of Tanonchai T. Sangthiannoi has made the list of Tanonchai to face with Muengthai S. Bunyiam muay thai training camp in this match and this game might be funniness and become to be the hot one of the year for sure in order to fight as the master couple boxer of SuekOneThongChai at Rachadamnern boxing stadium on this 5th August 2013.

Moreover, after there will be the setup of SuekOneThongChai again , Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban of Rachadamnern boxing stadium will bring the boxers in SuekOneThongChai to face with the boxers in Suek Kertphet again on this 5th August 2013, so this program might be interesting beginning with Tanonchai T. Sangthiannoi to face with Muengthai S. Bunyiam in 125 pounds. Besides, lately Sangthiannoi S. Rungrote or the head of T. Sangthiannoi has revealed with confidence that "I think that this couple boxer might be the one that is amusing of course and this couple boxer from many camps may be selected as the severe one because of their talents. However, it shouldn't be careless because it can't be certain about their style to overcome each other."

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