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"Muengphet F.A. Group thai boxing camp "will face with"Yodsanchai SorSophit muay thai training camp " again in Thailand . @ 2013-06-24

Mungphet F.A. Group thai boxing camp had been altered to fight as the first couple boxer of 2nd million baht CP Freshmart muay thai tournament with Yodsanchai SorSophit muay thai training camp on this 15th June in 2013 for Suek Muai Dee Witheethai in Thailand .

Excindyconyim , he will face with Yodkhunsuek S. Suchat on this Saturday of 22nd June in 2013. Moreover, for the program in Suek million baht 2nd CP Freshmart muay thai tournament, in the earlier , Muengphet F.A. Group might face with Weeraponlek Excindyconyim on this Saturday of 15th June in 2013. However, now he was altered to fight with his new couple boxer of line A or Yodsancha SorSophit muay thai training camp as the first match in 114 pounds. Then, it will be their first meeting of CP Freshmart after Muengphet had lost to Yodsanchai in the past of Suek One Kingthong on last 16th May in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in Thailand . Then, Muengphet still wonder and would like to get revenge also.

Besides, Weeraponlek Excindyconyim might face with Yodkhunsuek S. Suchat on this Saturday of 22nd June in 2013 after Yodkhunsuek had won Kaothee Pheyyindeeacademy and made the muay thai fans to be surprised.

"Nontakit" challenged any thai boxing camps to fight in 128-130 pounds.

For 128-130 pounds, Morsri let the teamwork to make the list of any boxer to face with Nontakit or his boxer. Tu Morsri revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after Nontakit T. Morsri had overcome Chatchainoi S. Phrasobchok Camp in Suek Sangsawangphanphla on last 11st June in 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium that "Now, Nontakit had grown much and I had informed the teamwork about how to take care of his weight to fight in 128 - 130 pounds for fighting with anyone in Thailand who is suitable for him."

Morsri or the big boss of T. Morsri said that "On morning yesterday, Nontakit still kicked the aim for practicing , but he had to fight replacing of another boxer. However, he could fight with impression. Then, I think that he can fight in 128 - 130 pounds with anyone who is suitable with him because of his well-preparing. Moreover, it shouldn't be worried and if the teamwork has seen the suitability , Nontakit is ready to fight without afraid of anyone."

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