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"Singthongnoi PorTelakul muay thai training camp" had Left the monkshood to train himself in Thailand . @ 2013-05-27

"Sia Phit Kolok" or Phraphit Telakul has guaranteed with the big promoter or Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban not to be worry with Tidnum or Singthongnoi PorTelakul muay thai training camp who had just left the monkshood to train himself for several days. Besides, Tidnum will fight in the next match with Superbank of Rattanabandit university on this Monday of 3rd June in 2013 and he is assured that his beloved boxer might restore his name back again to gain 500,000 baht for sure.

On last Sunday evening, Big Song had called directly to one of reporters of daily Muai Siam in Thailand for claiming about the big match that will broadcast in Thailand on this 3rd June in 2013 for Suek OneThongChai of Superfight at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in Thailand that for the next match Superbank of Rattanabandit muay thai training camp will fight with Tidnum Singthongnoi PorTelakul muay thai training camp in 128 pounds only and they have never faced with each other before. Besides, the promoter revealed that "I have talked to Phrapit Telakul before and the head of well-known muay thai camp confirmed that now Sitaeksingthongnoi had left the monkshood to train himself for several days and now his body condition is in the better way with his great soul. Thus, he is ready to be the beloved boxer to everyone now."

Big Song ,the famous muay thai promoter , said that "Sia Phit Kolok is so glad that he might have the well-known boxers to fight in this big charity match. Besides, he has guaranteed with Singthongnoi who has trained himself for several days to face with Superbank or the great one. Then, it should prove their performance between the old boxer to face with the good strategy boxer. As the result, I am interested to give a large amounts of money to both of them for at least 500,000 baht."

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