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"Boat" would like to watch for this program fully. @ 2013-03-23

"Boat" revealed that he would like to watch for this program fully , especially for the couple boxer of Satan Meunglek fighting with Ploysiam and New Luakrak fighting with Phaetheng. Then, it can't predict that who will be the winner , but it should check for the readiness of this couple boxer without changing the schedule.

For the progress of Suek Phetwisate broadcasted on this 13rd March in 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand , Boat or Nuttadate Wachirarattanawong will have to prove for this ability to setup this program by beginning with the master couple boxer or Satan Muenglek Windysport muay thai training camp fighting with Ploysiam Phetyindee Academy or Tee Us K. Rachada followed by New Luakrak Excindyconyim fighting with Paeteng Kertponthip muay thai camp , Onechai Ramboesarn fighting with Yuttasak Sakburiram , Saifa S. Suphatra fighting with Shopper K. Saphaothong and others.

Besides, from the revealing of Boat or the great promoter in this decade to the reporters in last Monday evening , it found that every boxers from every camps have been checked their conditions every day. Then, now there is no changing about schedule to fight and Boat said additionally that he would like to watch for this program fully because of the excellent of this setting up also.

Boat said more that "For the master couple boxer , it would be my most favored to watch because Satan Muenglek has his fresh form and it can't predict easily that who will be the winner between Satan Muenglek and Ploysiam. However, if Satan Muenglek can be the winner , he will have the good chance to fight with the different program boxer in the next time in Phuket or anywhere in Thailand. Moreover, for the couple boxer of Pae Theng , it is hardly to predict because New Luakrak has his good chance to knock him , but it is not sure that he will be the certain winner because it has to focus with the chance also. Then, I would like to reach for this Wednesday quickly to watch for this program fully."

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