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Watch the muay thai programs free through channel 11 in Thailand @ 2013-01-10

The head or Wuttichai Suntornnon had talked to Mana Sombunthrab and Sia Nao Phetyindee to be agreed of watching Suek Muai Witheethai for free in order to open the chance for the muay thai fanclub and the juvenile to see the importance of Thai boxing much more not only for the old muay thai fanclub but also the new ones by beginning the first match on this Saturday of 12nd January 2013.

Prior to begin the muay thai program on New Year day of 2013 , Suek Muai Witheethai that broadcasted in Thailand on every Saturday on channel 11 on 2.00 – 4.00 p.m. might be altered the pattern of program again to develop the program. Moreover, from the revealing of the head or Wutthichai Suntornnon or the head of setting program , it shows that after he had consulted with Mana Sumbuntrab and Sia Nao or Wirat Wachiraratanawong and Chun Kertphet , they had the same agreement to support and open chance for the muay thai fanclub to watch for this program much more. Thus, for this program it will open the new chance to let everyone to watch for free since this Saturday of 12nd January 2013.

Wuttichai or the head of setting program said that we have the negotiation in several subjects and we would like to shorten the time to broadcast not to be delayed by increasing more promoters and making the lists of several couple boxers to fight much more. In addition to, we would like to open the chance for everyone to watch this program for free after we have charged for the fee that make a lot of them disappeared from watching much.

Therefore, we would like everyone including of the juveniles to watch the good muay thai from many muay thai camps in Thailand and watch the muay thai training program . As the result, we will let them to watch for free since this Saturday of 12nd January in order to make the funniness and make them to be interested to watch the excellent program much more.

Today everyone want to promote muay thai in Thailand . So the free ticket at Muai Witheethai is correct because everyone can watch the muay thai fight and training .

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