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"Rittidate" claimed to defeat "Bank" @ 2012-12-22

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Chieb Kertphet or the chubby trainer of Kertphet muay thai training camp had revealed to accept that he has more disadvantages than his couple muay thai boxer. However, he is confident that his experiences and shape don't have more disadvantages than Superbank for sure. Then, he claimed to knee Superbank without afraid of him.

Chieb Kertphet or the trainer of Kertphet muay thai training camp had revealed to the reporter of Muai Siam that after Sia Mai Bangkapi and Sor.Chor. Toi Padreaw had brought Rittidate W. wannatawee to fight with Superbank Sakchaichoat with the fifth couple muay thai boxer of Suek Sommai T. Chaiwat on this Monday of 24th December A.D. 2012 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , he is not afraid of Superbank because he had seen the forms of Rittidate for several times. Then, because of a lot of experiences and strength, he might have more disadvantages than Superbank of course. Moreover, Rittidate had fought with Sam A also.

The Trainer Chieb Kertphet had revealed to the reporter of channel 7 on last Sunday that "For this style of boxing , we are not afraid of because I have seen the form of Superbank to fight for several times. Then, I have seen that he has a lot of strategies , but he can't be kneed and elbowed hardly. In addition to, for the last fight Superbank had been knocked of Nong beer for the first round which made him lose his confidence. Thus, we know his fault , so I will order Rittidate to knee him as for the early round. As the result, I am confident for my muay thai boxer without afraid of Superbank and every muay thai boxers of mine always fight with braveness"

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