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Muay Thai Training Thailand

Muay Thai or Thai boxing in Thailand – Everything Included

Muay Thai – form of hard martial art and national sport of Thailand. Besides Thailand, Muaythai is also very famous in other Southeast Asian countries. Thai boxing is another name for Muay Thai which was developed hundreds of years ago as close combat in which fighter uses his entire body as a weapon for both attack and defense.

muay thai training thailand  muaythai training thailand

Muaythai symbolizes as “The art of eight limbs” because as a fighter you use hands, elbows, shins and knees to fight. Muay Boran is the ancestor of Thai boxing. Every year on March 17th Thai people celebrate Boxer’s Day or National Muay Thai day. There are few stories behind the celebration. On this day, Nai Khanom Tom, a Muay fighter beat ten Burmese Lethwei champions and earned his freedom from King Mangra.

King Prachao Sua is another Muay Thai legend. He was a king however, his love for Thai boxing brings him to the ring and Prachao Sua defeated three renowned fighters of his time. But later on he had to quit because Thai people respect their King a lot and can not fight with him. King’s love for Thailand’s national sport is evident form the fact that his two sons went under Muaythai training, wrestling and sword fighting.

Thailand’s national sport of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is full of rich history and has come a long way in terms of popularity as well as training techniques. Muaythai training is not easy. It requires commitment, dedication and above all patience. In Thailand, kids looking to become professional Muay Thai fighters, starts training at the age of around 6-8 years. There are several training institutes and camps in Thailand where you can learn Thai boxing.

In training camps

You’ll learn Muay Thai techniques for fitness, self defense or to become professional fighter. The techniques that you’d learn at the camps or training institutes are how to throw punches, knees, elbows and kicks. You’d get familiar with level of kicks and know more about punches. There are three levels of kicks low, medium and high where target areas are below knees, torso and chest, and chin and temple respectively. These techniques will make a trainee well versed with self defense skills along with attacking ability, whenever needed.

Some other elements that incorporate the training are stretching, running, and shadow boxing. An avid fighter needs to run approximately 18 kilometers in a day and undergo 20-30 minutes of stretching to improve the elasticity of the muscles and reduce the stretch reflex.

Shadow boxing is another drill in Muay Thai training. Fighters practice the shadow boxing in front of a mirror so that they can see and analyze, if the movements are correct or not. People join training camps not only to become professionals but also to remain fit and sound.

Today Muay Thai is getting popularization all over the world and recently accepted as an Olympic Sport. If you want to become all-round fighter learn Muay Thai as you’ll learn kicking techniques like taekwondo fighter, punches like boxers and gripping like judo player.

The Information of Muay Thai Thailand or Muay Thai Training Thailand :

2012-06-01 : Buakaw calls it quits as dispute rages on

Buakaw Por Pramuk announced his retirement from Muay Thai yesterday after talks aimed at solving a financial dispute with the Por Pramuk boxing camp broke down.

Muay Thai superstar Buakaw "Por Pramuk" Banchamek tells reporters of his decision to retire. The world famous Thai Fight champion said he could not agree on a new contract with his boxing camp.

The saga seemed to have reached a conclusion on May 22 when both parties made a deal that would allow the former K1 champion a bigger share of his fight fees as well as other income.

Last Updated about Buakaw , Today BuaKaw Por Pramuk clear the problem of his muay thai gymm .

2012-07-21 : East Londoner Barry Hearn desperate to use his Midas touch on Muay Thai expansion

His many successes in sports promotion include turning a chain of snooker halls into the world's most popular Premier Snooker League that's televised around Europe.

Armed with a singular vision and a business strategy of "aim high and thrive," Hearn has turned professional darts into a multi-million dollar revenue earning corporation.

I was fortunate enough this week to meet the famous British sports innovator in the gracious surroundings of the Waldorf Hotel in central London.

The purpose for our meeting in such an elegant setting was to hear Hearn's plans to position Muay Thai as the new wave combat sport for Britain and Europe.

"I see Muay Thai as the sleeping giant of martial arts," he said.

"Those who are involved with Muay Thai get excited about the Thai heritage combat sport. That excitement has been making waves around the world and it's got support in Britain.

So he bring the Muay Thai champions to fight in London and it is the great muay thai fighting form Thailand .

The benefits of Muay Thai training in Thailand
For those of you who are just starting Muay Thai or boxing, it is important for you to know that wrapping your hands is how much important. Before going to Muay Thai Training wrapping your hands might seem complicated and confusing for you. While your training it is surely you’ve been doing it right all along.

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